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Do you like Scavenger Hunts?  Well, this is similar…  We give you a pic requirement, you take the pic and send it to us!  Simple.

Hey, we want to add some excitement to your week.  At Dale’s we are going to text out a pic requirement twice a day, those that text back a pic to us at 937-733-9714 will get a point.  There will also be a number at the end of the text..  Like, ‘#4’.  This means that whomever is the 4th one to send us a successful pic will get an extra point!  Now, your pic has to be accurate to the request, meaning, that if we ask for “A pic of a horse’s ear”, then you have to send a pic a horse’s ear…  Not a whole horse.

None of the pics will be dangerous and you should NEVER put yourself at risk to do a pic!

There will be two bonus pics through the week!  The bonus pics may be a little more of a challenge, but it will be fun.

That being said…  Just text “I’m in” to 937-733-9714 and we will include you with the group for the contest.  We look forward to seeing you!  🙂


  1. Everyone that submits a pic will get a point for submitting a pic.
  2. There will also be bonus pics that can earn you extra points. 
  3. Pictures submitted cannot be photos downloaded from the internet. 
  4. We keep a tally of the points at Dale’s and on Friday we post the winner.
  5. Sunday evening send out the invitation.
  6. Pictures are to be texted to 937-733-9725.

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