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A new and exciting project in Preble County.  God is blowing doors open and, we are walking through them!

What is Dale's?

You have heard of it...  The Youth Cafe at Dale's!  What is it?

Dale's is operated and owned by Triumphant Life Ministries, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We have seen the need to provide a safe place for youth (12 to 17) to come after school for a meal and a safe place to hang out and get their homework done.  Dale's now has:

Youth Cafe

Now Available!  Each day, Monday through Friday, 2 to 6pm, we offer a 'Meal-Of-The-Day' (MotD).  This meal is a healthy meal with fruit available free to the youth.  We also provide milk, fruit juice and water and no charge...  All they can drink and eat!  Well, until we run out!  There is also after school snacks like pop, chips and candy available to them for $1 each.  But, the focus is on the healthy foods for free!


Now Available!  Many youth need some assistance with homework, or a little more instruction to help them get their grades up.  All they have to do is come to the counter and let us know they need help and if we cannot get them help today, we will setup some tutoring with a volunteer from our community.  We have many teachers, students and adults that want to help and we want to see our kids accel in school!


(Targeted for December '18) Triumphant Life Ministries has teamed up with the Preble County Juvenile Courts to provide vetted mentors to youth needing guidance.  In addition to this program, we have, again, volunteers from the community that give their time to sit and talk with youth when they have life issues to discuss.  A good mentor can make a difference in a youth's life...   Today, and forever!

Life Skills Training

(Targeted for December '18)  Our community needs good qualified labor with work skills and good work ethics!  At Dale's we offer Life Skills Training to help our youth see a path to a good paying job right here in our county.  In working with the youth, and local businesses, we can pair up a youth with a business, get them educated to what the business is looking for in an employee before they even graduate!  This program is very beneficial for the youth, as well as the local business and our community too!  Good jobs need filled with local talent and we are working to keep jobs here in our home community!  Healthy businesses with healthy employees!

Keep in tune with us to see what more is coming.  We are rolling out these programs and looking for what more we can do to help our community live in Triumph! Text 'Dale's' to 937-400-1767 to stay connected!


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130 N Barron St, Eaton, OH

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Posted by: In: Youth Cafe 04 Nov 2018 0 comments

Do you like Scavenger Hunts?  Well, this is similar…  We give you a pic requirement, you take the pic and send it to us!  Simple.

Hey, we want to add some excitement to your week.  At Dale’s we are going to text out a pic requirement twice a day, those that text back a pic to us at 937-733-9714 will get a point.  There will also be a number at the end of the text..  Like, ‘#4’.  This means that whomever is the 4th one to send us a successful pic will get an extra point!  Now, your pic has to be accurate to the request, meaning, that if we ask for “A pic of a horse’s ear”, then you have to send a pic a horse’s ear…  Not a whole horse.

None of the pics will be dangerous and you should NEVER put yourself at risk to do a pic!

There will be two bonus pics through the week!  The bonus pics may be a little more of a challenge, but it will be fun.

That being said…  Just text “I’m in” to 937-733-9714 and we will include you with the group for the contest.  We look forward to seeing you!  🙂


  1. Everyone that submits a pic will get a point for submitting a pic.
  2. There will also be bonus pics that can earn you extra points. 
  3. Pictures submitted cannot be photos downloaded from the internet. 
  4. We keep a tally of the points at Dale’s and on Friday we post the winner.
  5. Sunday evening send out the invitation.
  6. Pictures are to be texted to 937-733-9725.