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Do you like Scavenger Hunts?  Well, this is similar…  We give you a pic requirement, you take the pic and send it to us!  Simple.

Hey, we want to add some excitement to your week.  At Dale’s we are going to text out a pic requirement twice a day, those that text back a pic to us at 937-733-9714 will get a point.  There will also be a number at the end of the text..  Like, ‘#4’.  This means that whomever is the 4th one to send us a successful pic will get an extra point!  Now, your pic has to be accurate to the request, meaning, that if we ask for “A pic of a horse’s ear”, then you have to send a pic a horse’s ear…  Not a whole horse.

None of the pics will be dangerous and you should NEVER put yourself at risk to do a pic!

There will be two bonus pics through the week!  The bonus pics may be a little more of a challenge, but it will be fun.

That being said…  Just text “I’m in” to 937-733-9714 and we will include you with the group for the contest.  We look forward to seeing you!  🙂


  1. Everyone that submits a pic will get a point for submitting a pic.
  2. There will also be bonus pics that can earn you extra points. 
  3. Pictures submitted cannot be photos downloaded from the internet. 
  4. We keep a tally of the points at Dale’s and on Friday we post the winner.
  5. Sunday evening send out the invitation.
  6. Pictures are to be texted to 937-733-9725.
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This is a teaching from Dr. Mark T Barclay on “Joy”.


Joy – An Inner Ability to Laugh at Life

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Thank you for your interest in the Preble County ‘GOALS’ Mentoring program.  We are excited about this program and we hope that you are too!  There are many youth in our county that need someone to reach out to and this is the start to making major impacts on Preble County.

For your convenience, we are scheduling TWO meetings for those that want to be mentors.  This is the introduction meeting and you are the first group through this and we need everyone to attend one of the two scheduled meetings…

July 18th, Wednesday, from 6pm to 9pm
@ Preble County YMCA Conference Room

July 20th, Friday, from 1pm to 4pm
@ Preble County YMCA Conference Room

Please text “18th” or “20th” to 937-400-1767 to let us know which meeting you plan to attend so we can plan accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you!  Blessings



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